Discover the new Owen window

You are invited to join us on a free walk and talk about the stunning new Wilfred Owen window at All Saints Church, Dunsden RG4 9PG. Hear about how the window came about and the artist’s inspiration in her design.

Why did the war poet come to Dunsden, and what was the great crisis that caused him to leave? How did his time in Oxfordshire connect with his later life?

This event will take place on Sunday June 23, beginning at midday. There is ample parking at the church. After a short talk about the window, we will take a walk around Dunsden, via the Loddon Brewery tapyard where food will be available, highlighting some of the places Owen knew best:

  • the graves of Owen’s parents, his sister and the accident victims Owen wrote about in ‘Deep Under Turfy Grass’
  • Dunsden Green where he gave lantern slide shows in the mission hall
  • the former school, at which Owen was a regular visitor, with its bust of Owen by Anthony Padgett
  • the site of the tragic accident which inspired Owen to write ‘Deep under turfy grass’
  • a view from the public footpath of Dunsden vicarage where Owen wrote of being overwhelmed by the luxuriuous lifestyle of the Reverend Herbert Wigan

The walk will be led by David Woodward, a former sessional lecturer at the University of Reading and a judge in the national competition that awarded a design prize to the window’s creator.

Refreshments will be available either at the church or at the Loddon Brewery. Robust footwear is recommended. Donations to Dunsden Owen Association or church funds.

Download a descriptive leaflet about the new window.

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