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Welcome to Wilfred Owen in Dunsden


The work of Wilfred Owen, and his presence in Dunsden between the years 1911 and 1913, is what links the individuals who have come together to form the Dunsden Owen Association. For each of us this connection means something different: creativity, history, heritage, community, the church, pacifism, spirituality. Yet we are united in our common aim of honouring Wilfred Owen, recognising the importance of the years he spent in Dunsden, and raising the profile of this great war poet both locally and nationally.

We want to:

  • celebrate an important local story
  • create art events that will move and illuminate
  • build our community and its links with Ors, France, where Owen died
  • deepen understanding of Owen’s message
  • use our educational skills to stimulate and inform

Our Owen in Dunsden Trail was launched in May 2015. The trail app is available for iPhone and Android. A Trail leaflet is also available. Please download before you arrive in Dunsden.